Dr. Sergey V. Kravchenko

Board Member

Dr. Sergey V. Kravchenko is one of the world's leading experts in civil aviation, airlines industry, engineering and metallurgy with the focus on innovation, modernization and high technologies with decades of experience in implementing strategies to drive production modernization and operational excellence. He is a distinguished professional in business and people management, innovation, engineering, supply chains, aftermarket services, and sustainability in aviation. From 1982-1992, Sergey worked at the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Russia, and as a visiting professor in Russia, Sweden and South Korea.

From 1992-2023 Sergey worked for the Boeing Company (USA). In 1994 he immigrated to the USA and from 1994-2003 worked in Seattle, USA, becoming the Vice President of the Boeing Company. Sergey participated in the Boeing 777 airplane design and later worked as a member of the Boeing 787-Dreamliner leadership and Commercial Aviation Services executive teams. During this time, he gained unique experience working with the world's best airlines.

From 2003-2022, Sergey served as the President of Boeing Russia, Ukraine, and CIS. He created and led the two largest Boeing engineering centers outside the USA (Kyiv and Moscow), which housed more than 2,800 engineers. He led two manufacturing joint ventures in the field of titanium technologies with VSMPO-AVISMA (leading world titanium producer), and participated in the creation of large international space projects, including the International Space Station (ISS) and Sea Launch.

Sergey led strategic relationships with the major airlines andBoeing transformation support and partnership programs with the largest customers in the region. He proposed and led the creation of the one of the largest and the most modern Boeing training and customer support centers, which housed four full-size simulators and an innovation research center focused on pilot stress management and aviation safety. Sergey organized and chaired two international seminars focused on pilot training for extreme situations and pilots stress management.

Sergey is considered to be one of leading world experts in airlines and aviation industries transformation, engineering, and intellectual services outsourcing. For his work on the Boeing 787 development program, Sergey won a prestigious Aviation and Aerospace Technologies Week Laurels Award. From 2017, Sergey worked as an Innovation Acceleration Chief Officer for Boeing Global Services. He was responsible for developing new Boeing services for airlines, IT transformation in the company, and aftermarket services. His special area of expertise in Global Aviation Services is airplane modification, digital transformation and digital services, engineering and airport technologies, and sustainability projects for airlines. Sergey has more than 50 scientific papers and 19 patents in different areas of technologies.

Sergey has extensive experience as an independent director in large international metallurgical companies. As a result of Sergey’s major contributions, these two companies underwent massive change management programs, including transformation of the working culture of the respective firms.

Sergey was instrumental to the development of the Boeing Leadership Center, where he taught original master classes on company transformation and strategic digital innovation, and promoted best practices in modern management methods, corporate transformation, and corporate culture. Since retiring from the Boeing company in 2023, Sergey is working as a consultant for Boeing and BP, and teaches invited classes as a visiting professor at different universities.