Alder Renewables offers unrivalled optionality for refiners

A key strength for scaling the ARC production process is its inherent adaptability. Our technology can utilize a range of abundant, non-food biomass sources. These include sustainable woody residues, agricultural byproducts, and next-generation energy crops like miscanthus.  

The Alder Renewables tech unleashes a range of renewable products, including SAF, low-carbon marine and transport fuels, and bio-based chemicals. One renewable platform, many renewable products, ARC provides a much-needed gateway technology that empowers the journey to a fossil-free future.

Harnessed above the ground. No drilling, no fracking.

The problem

Current unstable biocrude products are not suitable for petroleum refineries

The challenges with the traditional fast pyrolysis approach:

Traditional pyrolysis pathways yield products that are unstable and cannot be used for a traditional refinery distillate processes

Existing biocrude products are limited in their ability to be a drop-in solution for current refineries and chemical processing plants

The solution

The Alder Renewable Crude pathway unlocks a stable, scalable, and sustainable model

The benefits of the Alder Renewable Crude production pathway

Acts as a stable, sustainable, and refinery compatible replacement

Commercially and technologically scalable using existing infrastructure

Maintains the fundamental properties of the fossil-based products it displaces

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