We are on a mission to replace fossil-based products and help rebalance our relationship with the planet

Alder Renewables harnesses the power of abundant and sustainable biomass to create a low-carbon to carbon-negative renewable platform. We call it Alder Renewable Crude (ARC). ARC can be converted into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), low-carbon marine and transport fuels, and bio-based chemicals.

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Harnessing sustainable biomass to power our renewable future

We develop technology and projects to advance the production of our proprietary ARC platform. We want to be part of the solution to decarbonize and defossilize critical parts of our society.

Alder Renewables is backed by Honeywell UOP, United Airlines Ventures, Dakia Energy, Directional Aviation, and Avfuel. Its technology has been trialed and tested at the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), with support from the U.S. Defense and Logistics Agency.

Woody Biomass

Agricultural Residues

Purpose-Grown Energy Crops

The Alder Renewable Crude production process

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